⚡ Thunderpick Invitational #3 - EU Qual. #2 ⚡
Thu. 09/08-2018, 19:00 CEST
18:30 CEST
Single Elimination
8 teams
{{ participantCount }}/32 teams

Important informations

The Thunderpick Invitational #3 is the third iteration of this event, this time bolstering a $10,000USD prize pool split among the 4 top teams in the tournament. The Thunderpick Invitational series has seen the likes of legend-status pronax and Maikelele competing, major-legends Winstrike and up and coming teams in the Tier 2/1 scene such as AVANGAR and Fragsters.

In this event, 16 teams will battle for the Top 8 places in the Swiss Best of 3 system to advance to the Single Elimination playoffs and fight for spot in the grand final to win a huge chunk of that $10,000USD prize pool.

The prize pool is split like this:

  1. $7,000 USD
  2. $2,000 USD
  3. $500 USD
  4. $500 USD

NB: We only allow participation in 1 qualification per team

Good luck to all competitiors.
- Thunderpick & Vortex Entertainment

Easy Anti-Cheat is required to play! Otherwise the servers will automatically kick you!


Information regarding check-in

What is check-in and why do I have to do it?

It is a necessity for all teams to check-in to a tournament that they are signed up for, in order to keep their spot when the tournament starts.

Sometimes it happens that teams sign up for a tournament a few days ahead, and on the day the tournament is set to start they don’t show up and therefore take a spot that another team could have had.

Therefore we have introduced the check-in system that ensures that all teams are actually ready to play, because they have manually checked themselves in shortly before tournament start. However, there are a few exceptions for check-in and you can read about them further below.

Who needs to check-in and when?

Any person on the team lineup can check-in. All players signed up for the tournament will receive a mail when check-in starts (usually an hour before tournament start). When this action is done your team’s spot will be locked in the tournament and you're ready to play.

Teams that fail to check-in in time will automatically be kicked again when check-in closes (usually half an hour before tournament start). This opens up your spot for other teams to take - first come, first serve.

Exceptions on check-in

The check-in rule only applies to teams that signed up to the tournament outside the check-in times. Any team that signs up after the check-in has started will automatically be granted a spot in the tournament and no further check-in is required.


  • A tournament starts at 19:00 and latest check-in is set to 18:30.
  • Check-in opens at 18:00.
  • All teams signed up before 18:00 will receive a mail about check-in. They will be automatically kicked again at 18:30 if no one on the team has checked in.
  • All teams signed up after 18:00 will automatically be granted a spot in the tournament and no further check-in is required.

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