Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the prizes?

Cash prizes are sent through bank transfer for Danish individuals or PayPal for everyone else.

Physical prizes (e.g. gaming gear) will only be sent to the team captain's address. It is the team captain's responsibility to distribute the prizes between all of the players.

In order to claim your prizes after a tournament has ended, please send us an email on [email protected] with PayPal email address for cash prizes or delivery informations for physical prizes.

Can you reset my rank/ELO?

No, this is not a service we provide.

This player is hacking/being toxic/AFK. What do I do?

We run through player reports daily. If a player is breaking the rules, please use the report button that appears in the match room after a match has ended.

We don't handle match specific player reports through email.


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Global Seasonal

Live Matches


Tue. 11/12, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Open #117
Thu. 13/12, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Pro Challenge #3
Sat. 15/12, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Open #118
Sun. 16/12, 15:00 CET
EMASTERS Master Cup #2
Mon. 17/12, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Pro Challenge #4
Tue. 18/12, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Open #119
Wed. 19/12, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Christmas Chaos #3
Fri. 28/12, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Pro Challenge #5
Sat. 29/12, 15:00 CET
EMASTERS Super Cup #5
Sun. 06/01, 15:00 CET
EMASTERS Master Cup #3