Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Matches

Queue up alone to compete against other players from different nationalities. Press the "PLAY NOW" button on the right side to choose the desired queue you wish you enter.

Once sufficient players have been found, the match will start automatically and the VETO phase will begin.

There are currently no ranking restrictions; everyone can play. There will be no EMASTERS Points on the line, but all players will gain EXP, ELO and points on the leaderboard.

Private Match

Are you a group of students, friends or Twitch streamer that wants to do viewer games? You can create private matches to play against each other! Click "Create Private Match" below to get started.

Points and ELO are not gained in private games, and it is currently limited to 5vs5 standard competitive games only.


Join the queue to play. Earn EXP, ELO and points on the leaderboard.


Global Seasonal

Live Matches


Wed. 16/01, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Open #128
Thu. 17/01, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Open #129
Fri. 18/01, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Cash Slam #4
Sat. 19/01, 16:00 CET
Next Level Cup #1 [Danish]
Sat. 19/01, 16:00 CET
EMASTERS Open #130
Sun. 20/01, 16:00 CET
EMASTERS Master Cup #5
Mon. 21/01, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Open #131
Tue. 22/01, 19:00 CET
EMASTERS Cash Slam #5