[22/05-18, 20:35 CEST]

The system seems to be stable again. If any further technical issues occur, please contact DtN on Discord at http://discord.emasters.gg or mail [email protected]

Our gather system is now live in beta mode - there are cash prizes on the line! Click here to play now!

You are welcome to use our public TS3 server! IP: ts3.emasters.gg - no password!


It is completely free of charge to register a user account and takes less than two minutes. The only informations we need from you are your desired username, your e-mail address and your own personal password.

After this we will send you an e-mail with an activation link which you must access, before your account can be used. Here on after you will gain extra features to personalize your public profile even more!

We encourage you to use your gamertag as your username here on EMASTERS, as this will be publicly shown to everyone.



Join a lobby to play CS:GO gather. Earn EXP, ELO and points on the global leaderboard.

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